Our New Party Room at KYOVA Mall


We have a party room located in the KYOVA Mall in Ashland, KY. Where we can have parties any day of the week!!

Our prices include the Party Room for 2 hours, play time in 5 inflatables, and an additional 1/2 hour to decorate the room before your party.


3 inflatable party will be Monday - Thursday $85 Friday - Sunday $100.00

5 inflatable party will be Monday - Thursday will be $135.00 Friday - Sunday $150.00

Now offering 8 inflatable party Monday - Thursday $175.00 Friday - Sunday $200.00

If you are thinking you would like to add more to your party...We can do it!!!

We can add a round of Put Put Golf from Neon Golf, and even a trip to the movies at KYOVA Movies 10 to your party!!

If you would like to have your party catered...We can do that also!!

Callahan's Pub. RJ Kahuna's, and Andy's BBQ offer Special Pricing for our parties!! They can set you up with a meal for each person or even a buffet style dinner!

If you would like to use our party room for other events such as Baby Showers, Group Parties,  Etc. Give us a call and we will work to accommodate your needs!